Dunkin' Dogs


Lori D'Louhy is the owner of Dunkin Dogs Pet Grooming Salon. She is an Illinois State Certified Groomer and a graduate of the Academy Of Dog Grooming Arts. She also holds certificates in Canine CPR and Pet Nutrition.

All the staff at Dunkin Dogs is fully trained and supervised.

At Dunkin Dogs the pets come first. They receive the quality of care that they deserve. They are not put in cages for hours at a time, but left to walk around the shop freely. If we do have a pet that does not play well with others, he is put into a play pen area with plenty of room to roam.

We use only the best products offered on the market today. Our products are derived from natural ingredients and use botanical blends with an emphasis on the unique benefits of the Mojave Yucca Plant.

When we check your pet in, we decide which product will work best with your dog's particular coat - it might be a protein, medicated, coat brightener, degreaser, or multi-purpose shampoo. We will make sure the proper product is used on your pet to ensure the best possible groom.


8:00 - 3:00-or until all pets are completed!

Closed Sunday and Monday

Payment methods accepted are cash, check or Zelle only.

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