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Full Groom - includes a coat specific shampoo, followed by yucca based leave-in conditioner, and a blueberry vanilla facial. Then, we..
By appointment only. Prices vary.

Doggy Day Care - Bring your pet in for a fun filled day. $20 a day - You must have your dog groomed at the shop to be eligible for day care. Limited vacancy. Hours 7:30 AM to 5:30PM

Nail trim - We suggest doing this between grooms to keep your pet's nails short. Long nails can cause problems with your pet's gait and become painful when they walk on the nails instead of their pads. $10 a trim, which includes Dremeling the nails - $7.00 on Tuesdays - walk-Ins for nail trims are welcome!

Medicated Shampoo Bath - For the relief of itching, hot spots, and skin-related disorders we use a Mojave Yucca Shampoo. It's a good source of natural steroidal saponins which cause the body to create its own safe, natural steroids. Combined with yucca's anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties, this is an excellent safe shampoo for addressing many skin related issues as well as an excellent general purpose shampoo.

De-Shedding Bath - We use the best product on the market. You will notice the difference immediately. Your dog's fur will be noticeably softer, with a healthier appearance. Our process does not damage the skin, unlike some you may have encountered.

Flea Bath 15.00 surcharge with a full groom.

Puppy Spa Day - It is important to introduce your puppy to grooming at an early age. We pamper our puppy guests from start to finish, and slowly introduce them to the world of grooming. We suggest you bring them in for their first visit at around 12 weeks to get them acquainted with the shop, groomer, and the process as a whole.

Self Wash - $20 a dog - We supply the towels, ear cleaner, & shampoo. Walk-ins are welcome. Please arrive at least an hour prior to closing.

Teeth Cleaning - We use a product called Plaqcnz - it helps to remove and prevent plaque buildup. You will be amazed at the results. Give us a call for more information.

Blueberry & Vanilla Facial Shampoo - All groomed dogs receive a free facial. This foaming facial cleanser removes dirt around the mouth and eyes gently. It leaves a nice clean scent and a softer, smoother, brighter coat.

Yucca Leave-In Conditioner - All grooms receive a free application of this terrific product. It helps to blow out excess hair, conditions and soothes the skin, and leaves the coat smoother and softer when dried.

Hours of Operation

8:00 - 3:00 or until pets are finished being groomed for the day!

Closed Sunday and Monday

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